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Sugaï painting

« I seek in my paintings to recreate the color, the forms and express the joy of living. Painting is freedom and that freedom helps me to develop my own technique.”


Romain, a native of northern France whose artistic name is Sugaï, has painted since he was a child and throughout the years he has been working on different styles that interact with each other.


Showing a natural talent at an early age, he studied at an art school in Belgium and then develop his applications as a painter of the interior, exterior decorations, and mural painting in different locations, bars, and businesses around the french city of Lille. It did not take too long to start to paint on canvas and prepare exhibitions.


Photo profile

« The love of nature, art history, and the work of great painters like Michelangelo, encourages me to make paintings where the woman and animals take a prominent place. The presence of colorful birds in my paintings is also constant, as a seal of identity and for me is a symbol of freedom.”


Using acrylics and the spray technique on supports from paper, canvas, and even wood, he aims to create an atypical universe that combines a childish and realistic atmosphere at the same time.


“I can consider my work between the graphics and realism, the details are very important and represent the bulk of my artwork.”

After having exposed for the last few years in various places in Lille and Belgium, Sugaï presents his new work for the first time in England.

By Yeli Bengochea

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